Why more women are becoming entrepreneurs

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Submitted by Holly Katko on Globe Newswire

Holly Katko, author of Entrepreneur You, addresses the increase in women business owners.

Chicago entrepreneurship expert Holly Katko explains why more women are starting businesses.

CHICAGO, June 20, 2012 — Women entrepreneurs are rising up as funding support is more available to small businesses and the costs involved in starting a company have gone down. As working women play a central role in today’s American economy, more women are taking their business ideas a step forward to launch their own companies. A 2012 report by the White House Council on Women and Girls states American women now own 30 percent of small businesses, generating $1.2 trillion a year in sales.

“Empowered, motivated women are taking advantage of the various business resources that are readily available to them,” said Holly Katko, a celebrated keynote speaker, author, corporate trainer and successful entrepreneur. “It’s getting easier for women to access capital and business tools they need to start and sustain their business.”

In her book, “Entrepreneur You,” Katko discusses how entrepreneurs are leveraging the power of the Internet. Valuable online resources for business owners include expert advisement, grant information, and resource directories as well as tools for marketing. “The Internet has completely changed the way a business can market themselves,” Katko writes. “And now, social media has opened the market even further.”

Advances in technology also have enabled the availability of essential business tools at lower costs. Business owners are utilizing cloud computing and business communication solutions that don’t require the infrastructure costs of high-priced computer equipment. Entrepreneurs can build their business more quickly and spend less.

As more women launch companies, they’ll continue to seek creative ways to gain competitive advantage and grow. “Vision and perseverance, as well as the ability to multi-task, communicate and build relationships are all key business traits that are typical strengths for women. Women entrepreneurs are leveraging these character assets to succeed at running their own businesses,” said Katko.

About Holly Katko

Holly Katko was born and raised with an entrepreneurial spirit, and in 2000 she formed her own successful business, U-Connect (http://www.uconnectsite.com). Katko is a sought-after keynote speaker, corporate trainer, consultant, and expert on entrepreneurship. Katko’s breakthrough book, “Entrepreneur You,” empowers entrepreneurs with an inspiring, no-nonsense approach for owning and running a thriving business. She shares her own entrepreneurial spirit, expertise, and 25 years of experience in management to help aspiring business owners lay the foundation for success. For more information, visit http://www.uconnectsite.com.


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