What makes a better boss? Google tells all

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Technical skills aren’t the secret sauce when it comes to being an effective manager, according to new internal research from Google reported in The New York Times. Google found that employees valued bosses who took time to talk and who helped them by asking questions instead of barking orders, the story said. Recognizing from exit interviews that having a bad boss contributed to employee turnover, Google launched Project Oxygen to determine the factors contributing to effective management, the story said.

After analyzing 10,000 observations about managers and 400 pages of interview notes, the company determined eight factors that boosted managers’ performance, and it began coaching bosses on how to improve in those areas, the story said. The New York Times published the list, which includes suggestions such as: provide constructive feedback, empower workers, take an interest in them, focus on results and create a clear strategy. Google also found good managers weren’t just popular, they also boosted employee producitivity, the story said.

— Ann Meyer

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