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Ifbyphone finds growth in call management

Ifbyphone finds growth in call management

  By Ann Meyer If you think the  growth of the Internet and text messaging have wiped out the need for phone calls, think again. One of the fastest-growing small businesses in the nation routes more than 15 million minutes of phone calls in a typical month, and it’s not in the traditional phone business. […]

Belly aims to bring personal touch to loyalty programs for small merchants

Belly aims to bring personal touch to loyalty programs for small merchants

Big stores have loyalty programs. Little ones generally don’t. But that’s changing. Chicago-based Belly has convinced 2,300 businesses to try its digital loyalty platform, which awards consumers with points for their purchases and helps companies come up with memorable ways to reward customers, founder and CEO Logan LaHive said. Personal touch By getting creative, small […]

Business reaction to health care ruling is mixed, but hard-to-insure owners express relief

By Ann Meyer While conservative business groups vowed to take their fight for a repeal of the Affordable Care Act to the polls in November, many Chicago small business owners expressed relief that the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the law. The individual mandate requiring that all Americans purchase health insurance or pay a penalty was […]

Judge rules Illinois use tax law unconstitutional

The Illinois use tax law that spurred CouponCabin and FatWallet to leave the state last year was ruled unconstitutional Wednesday by a Cook County Circuit Court judge who said it violates the  Interstate Commerce Clause and Internet Tax Freedom Act, according to the Performance Marketing Association, which had filed a lawsuit challenging the use tax’s constitutionality. Cook County Circuit Court Judge […]

Business ethics: A matter of principle

How America conducts business has been called into question during the current economic crisis. Greed, ambition and poor regulation frequently have been raised, while ethics – or the lack of — doesn’t always make the news. Writing for Jewish Business News, Chicago journalist Jodie Jacobs asked five Chicago experts to share their views on the role of ethics in business.

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