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The importance of thank you

By Lillian Bjorseth, Guest Columnist I grew up thinking that “thank you” is an automatic response when someone does something for you. It shows appreciation, consideration and respect for the person who goes out of her/his way …  whether it is a small thing, medium or huge. What’s happened to this simple gesture that is […]

Sourcebooks rides wave of changes

While the book publishing industry may be undergoing a transformation, at Naperville-based Sourcebooks, Dominique Raccah is embracing the change with a confidence grounded in creativity. By fostering an entrepreneurial  workplace even as her company has become one of the largest independent book publishers in the nation, Raccah sees a bright future. “We are pioneers in the […]

Giving women what they want

Entrepreneur Rachael Smith knows it pays to be organized. Her own personal experience lugging two young children through the airport, digging through her bag to find a favorite toy  to calm her son, inspired her. So the former schoolteacher invented a diaper bag with a pull-out drawer and lots of pockets to help on-the-go parents […]

Full Circle: Reflecting on the transition to self-employment

Two years ago I joined the ranks of the unemployed, hung out a shingle and declared myself a sole proprietor. I felt like one of the lucky ones. I parachuted out of a soon-to-be-bankrupt company with a parting gift of several months’ pay and health-care contributions to stake me in whatever came next.

Recession Buster: Company radiates new sales

With a “no layoffs” pledge to employees, Julia Billen needed new sales to prop up her heating business.

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