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Atlee Pope on choosing customers wisely

By Atlee Valentine Pope, Guest columnist How to move forward in the new year by learning from avoidable mistakes As we begin to climb slowly out of the deepest, darkest recession on recent record, it’s normal to want to simply get up, wipe the dirt off our knees and move blithely ahead. For the most […]

WBDC to offer micro loans to start-ups

  The Women’s Business Development Center is offering microloans for start-ups and established small businesses based in Illinois. The loan program, which starts this month until funding runs out, was created in response to the credit crunch that has constrained small business development. Newly formed businesses can apply for loans up to $50,000, while the […]

Guest column: Save time by seeking advice

By Lorene Kennard, Guest Columnist “If I knew then what I know now, boy, would I have done things differently!” This is a popular refrain uttered by everyone who has embarked on a new business venture. Most proprietors planning to start a business discover they have an infinite number of things to do before, during […]

Time out for thanks

What are you thankful for? Chicago-based communications design firm Faust Inc. wants to know. Faust has launched Appreciate-it.com, an online holiday letter for everyone to contribute their laundry list of thanks. The longer the list, the better: The firm is aiming to make the Guinness Book of World Records with the longest, most sentimentalist holiday […]

Guest column: Avoid business mistakes by routinely comparing costs, services

By Lennie Rose, Guest Columnist Often, business mistakes only show up in hindsight. Had I not transitioned from my last company into my new company, I never would have discovered the thousands of dollars I was overpaying for accounting and insurance. Nor would I have learned the importance of periodically comparing the cost and services […]

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