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Veterans nab business benefits

Chicago business owner Derryl Caldwell credits his status as a veteran for helping his company weather the recession. Caldwell, a reservist with the Army National Guard for 9 years who has owned apparel merchandising company DC Mad Hatter at Navy Pier since 1996, said he gets special attention from the U.S. Small Business Administration. “As […]

Economy slows funding cycle, yet opportunities remain

The moment entrepreneurs accept outside capital, they need a strategy for paying back their investors. Ideally, angel funding leads to venture capital, then private equity, with the process culminating in a profitable sale or initial public offering. Entrepreneur Jai Shekhawat, founder and chief executive of Chicago technology firm Fieldglass, knows a tough economy can slow down […]

Obama Signs Act Aiding Small Businesses

After months of political struggle, President Barack Obama has signed into law the Small Business Jobs Act, designed to provide financial relief to small businesses and self-employed workers with hopes of stimulating job creation. The U.S. House approved the measured 237-187 on Sept. 23 after the U.S. Senate had voted 61-38 the week before to pass the act.  […]

In a tough job market, students launch startups

Law school might not fetch an immediate job in a law firm these days, but for IIT-Kent College of Law student Richard Komaiko, it has yielded a technology business. Komaiko and his three business partners recognized the soft legal market was hurting not only recent law school graduates who can’t find jobs, but also solo […]

Recession Buster: Company radiates new sales

With a “no layoffs” pledge to employees, Julia Billen needed new sales to prop up her heating business.