In a tough job market, students launch startups

Law school might not fetch an immediate job in a law firm these days, but for IIT-Kent College of Law student Richard Komaiko, it...

Recession Buster: Company radiates new sales

With a "no layoffs" pledge to employees, Julia Billen needed new sales to prop up her heating business.

Bringing new hope, new jobs to local economy

While many businesses remain cautious about expanding in a tough economy, entrepreneur Sandy Marsico is bucking the trend. She recently knocked down walls to expand her marketing and interactive design firm.

Entrepreneurs team up to spur local sales, jobs

Elster started Crop To Cup coffee to help support family farmers in Uganda, while Heins' Bean & Body makes health-conscious coffee and tea beverages sold in cans. Both are hoping to jump on the locally produced food bandwagon to get products made by small Chicago-based companies noticed by corporate customers.

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Masked merchants re-open Friday at Woodfield Mall after two-month hiatus

Dennis Savchenko of Talk N'Fix at Woodfield Mall opened Friday, May 29, the first day the...
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My view: Bring in the $600 weekly checks

If the federal government’s pledge to give unemployed workers an extra $600 a week has you scratching your heads,...

Women founders share war stories to inspire persistence

Delna Straus, co-founder of KEYO, participated in the fourth annual Women Tech Founders' Conference held online...

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My view: Bring in the $600 weekly checks

If the federal government’s pledge to give unemployed...
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How to use handwritten media to get noticed

By Lidia Varesco Racoma, Guest columnist It can be worthwhile...

Entrepreneurs’ motivation may determine job creation prospects

It pays to know the difference between "necessity" entrepreneurs...