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Entrepreneur enters the beverage market with a “sick” new tea

By Hallie Busta — Tim Megenbier intended for his new Sick Tea beverage to be a warm-and-serve version of the homemade remedy he grew up with: a combination of black tea, honey and lemon made to ease colds and the flu. It wasn’t until his teenage children pointed out that the ill-looking man on the […]

“Buy American” provision aims to level the playing field

A military authorization law that President Obama signed on Friday included a “Buy American” provision aimed at boosting manufacturing in the United States instead of sending orders to China. The provision, which bars the Defense Department from buying solar panels made in China, could help the United States gain market share from the Chinese, which […]

How to use handwritten media to get noticed

By Lidia Varesco Racoma, Guest columnist It can be worthwhile for a small business to take a break from social media and focus on “handwritten media.” Being an avid user of social media, I realize its benefits for small business—but I also believe that staying connected with clients and prospects requires a more personal approach […]

GlobalBiz: How to avoid legal hurdles when expanding overseas

By Michael Muth, GlobalBiz columnist In this interview with attorney David Laverty, a principal of International Counsel, GlobalBiz explores the legal options and challenges associated with moving a small business into the international marketplace. Laverty has more than 20 years of experience with contracts, investment and market-entry matters. In his work in the United States as […]

What’s a QR code? How to use new 2-D barcodes to link print with the Internet

  By Mark Goodman, Guest columnist What is this 2-D Barcode? How are businesses using it to link print content with their Internet strategies? Have you ever seen a barcode like the one shown below? In the parlance of the Internet, they are QR codes. These two dimensional representatives of data were invented by a […]