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How to create an open, honest culture

How to create an open, honest culture

By Jenny Schade, Guest Columnist True or false: Working for a company that touts a culture of open and honest communication means it’s fine to constantly check and compose e-mails during meetings. The answer is “false.” If you answered “true,” your company doesn’t have an open and honest culture. Why not? Consider how comfortable you […]

Go ahead, make home your workplace

In a campaign to encourage telecommuting, TeleworkExchange.com has declared the week of Feb. 14 Telework Week. More than 37,000 workers have pledged to work from home during the week. Doing so will save $2.6 million and 3.4 million pounds of pollutants. Working from home also has been linked to workforce productivity, operational efficiencies, sustainability, worker […]

Three ways to boost employee engagement

By Richard Axelrod, Guest columnist When it comes to engaging the workforce, small businesses have an advantage over large corporations. Engaging dozens is easier and faster than engaging thousands. Studies show that engaged employees produce more, create higher-quality products and services, and create more customer loyalty than their disengaged counterparts. But just what is engagement? […]

Time out for thanks

What are you thankful for? Chicago-based communications design firm Faust Inc. wants to know. Faust has launched Appreciate-it.com, an online holiday letter for everyone to contribute their laundry list of thanks. The longer the list, the better: The firm is aiming to make the Guinness Book of World Records with the longest, most sentimentalist holiday […]

Companies save with wellness spending

Jerry Benish wasn’t looking for a medal when he finished Camcraft Inc.’s fun run and lost 10 pounds in the company’s “Biggest Loser” contest. He knew the biggest winner could be Camcraft itself. As director of human resources at the Hanover Park-based components manufacturer, Benish closely tracks health care expenses. Along with moving to self-funded […]

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