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Minorities Build Businesses by Building Relationships

While many small companies try unsuccessfully for years to nab large contracts, Power’s human capital management and technology services company won a government assignment one month after it opened its doors in 2003, thanks to a personal contact, Powers said.

Recession Buster: Company radiates new sales

With a “no layoffs” pledge to employees, Julia Billen needed new sales to prop up her heating business.

Business Ownership: Do You Have What It Takes?

Entrepreneurship is not all about the money to Keith Pascal and Dr. David Preskill, who together launched TopTierMD.com this month.

To turn around ailing businesses, entrepreneurs buy them back

Mark Seigle, who with brother Harry sold family owned Seigle’s Building Centers in 2005 to Stock Building Supply, is quick to mention the emotional factor that spurred him to buy back a portion of the business six months ago, saving it from disappearing altogether.