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Obama’s address stresses innovation, jobs

By Ann Meyer — In a State of the Union speech Tuesday evening that emphasized the importance of innovation in job creation, President Barack Obama called on Americans to “think bigger” and try new ideas. He introduced Michigan brothers Gary and Robert Allen in the audience, who “reinvented themselves” by starting a roofing company. “That’s what […]

Chinese delegates focus on small business

By Hallie Busta Chinese business executives and government officials are looking to set up shop in the Midwest, China’s Commerce Minister Chen Deming said in a speech Friday in Chicago. Calling the region a window of opportunity for Chinese investment, Chen announced a new focus on partnerships with U.S. small and medium enterprises at the U.S.-China […]

Small businesses brace for higher income tax rates

The 67 percent income tax hike that Illinois lawmakers approved last night to address the state’s financial crisis will cause small businesses pain but probably won’t spur them to leave the state or do business differently, observers said. By increasing the personal income tax rate to 5 percent from 3 percent and the corporate income tax […]

“Buy American” provision aims to level the playing field

A military authorization law that President Obama signed on Friday included a “Buy American” provision aimed at boosting manufacturing in the United States instead of sending orders to China. The provision, which bars the Defense Department from buying solar panels made in China, could help the United States gain market share from the Chinese, which […]

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