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Why it pays to select the right corporate structure now

By Elisha Prero and Alan Maclin  Jewish Business News A fool learns from his own mistakes, the late Rabbi Noah Weinberg used to say. But a  wise person learns from the mistakes of others. Weinberg, who was founder and dean of Aish HaTorah, taught a generation how to apply principles of the Torah to business. His dictum had […]

Guest columnist: Informed decisions start with research

By Marcy Phelps Guest Columnist Whether you’re starting a business, introducing new products or services or adding locations, it pays to do some research. Informed decisions make the best decisions, and businesses need a solid understanding of their target markets. Unfortunately, neither your customers nor your competitors make up one homogeneous group. What motivates people […]

Shelly Sun: Franchising can accelerate expansion with less capital

By Shelly Sun Guest Columnist     In a soft economy that has become the “new normal,” many entrepreneurs have put aside expansion plans.   They have created great businesses through hard work, innovation and exceeding customer needs in a local area.  But without access to significant capital, it’s challenging to contemplate growing from a few […]

Five websites every CEO should know about

By Lorene Kennard Guest columnist We spend much of our lives online these days as the Internet now can do many of the tasks we used to do in person. But we also waste a lot of time surfing the Web looking for information. Put the Internet to good use. Here are five websites that make […]

50 ways to navigate business in China

By George Brown and David Hartman Guest Columnists In 1975, Paul Simon released a song titled “50 Ways to Leave Your Lover,” which, despite the promise of the title, offered only five such possibilities within the lyrics.  We consider this to be a solid example of literary license (rather than outright deception) and will therefore follow […]