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Health care reform could spur small firms to rely more on temps

By Pamela Villarreal and Peter Swanson National Center for Policy Analysis As the United States recovers from the 2008 recession, many consider any employment growth to be a good sign. But uncertainties about future tax and health care costs could be inhibiting permanent job growth, shifting more of the labor force to temporary and part-time […]

4 steps to a customer-facing culture

By George Brown Jr. Guest Columnist Executives often want their companies to be more customer-facing. That aspiration is admirable. The best companies thoroughly understand their customers and fully incorporate customer insights into their plans and priorities. Yet the challenge is implementing that vision. Here are four ways to transition to a customer-facing culture: First, create […]

5 steps to a successful business turnaround

  By John Treace Guest columnist I have taken part in many business turnarounds in my career, and time and again I have noticed the same problems: ineffective management, poorly defined culture, a weak team, lack of vision and the absence of a strategic plan. To turn around a struggling business, use the following steps. […]

How to improve customer service by empowering workers

By John Tschohl Guest columnist Imagine a business strategy so powerful it will create loyal customers who will drive a company’s revenue to new heights. That strategy is empowerment, or allowing employees to make a decision on the spot in favor of the customer. Empowered employees can save a business time and money because customer […]

Nine ways to overcome growth challenges

By Edward D. Hess Guest columnist For many, achieving the American dream means taking control of their destinies, quitting their 9-to-5 jobs and opening the doors to their very own businesses. If you’re one of these brave souls—pouring your blood, sweat and tears into running your own business—there’s no time for rest. Once you’ve got […]