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How small businesses can win globally

How small businesses can win globally

  By Mona Pearl Guest columnist Business leaders today have the skills and finesse to identify and execute great deals globally. It’s the soft issues that surface on the international stage that cause unanticipated and disastrous problems. Most of the challenges occur when executives don’t understand the business culture and customs of the target market and don’t do sufficient […]

5 ways to plan and brand your small business

  By Liz DiMarco Weinmann Guest columnist In the current economic climate, thousands of people are starting their own businesses. Some stride confidently into setting up a business that they’ve been thinking about for a while. Others are taking on freelance assignments while they continue to network and interview for their next full-time position. For […]

How to protect your domain name from adult entertainment competitors

By Michael R. Graham Guest columnist A new “dot-xxx” top-level domain name registry is being rolled out for the use of the adult entertainment industry. Trademark owners concerned that their trademarks may be used as a second-level domain name in this registry (e.g., yourmark.xxx) can take steps to block the registration of such domain names […]

Perceptions on value: How to articulate your relevance to the market

  By Suzanne Ross Guest columnist Who would ever introduce themselves by saying what they are NOT? It is a crazy proposition but it happens far more often than you might imagine. A discussion with my teenage daughter, about how she will stand apart as she starts considering highly competitive colleges and then the professional […]

5 tips for successful hiring

By Doug and Polly White Guest columnists When we interviewed more than 100 small business owners for our book, “Let go to grow,” we heard a common theme: hiring is a big problem. They told stories of bad hires where employees were terminated for embezzlement, theft and misappropriation of company resources. One owner shared that […]