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Six ways to tap the power of thanks

By Todd Patkin Guest columnist If your organization hasn’t made a conscious effort to instill an “attitude of gratitude,” you’re ignoring a useful and lucrative tool. There’s no better time than right now at Thanksgiving to start showing your employees or co-workers that you appreciate their efforts and care about them as individuals. I learned […]

Sorry I had to fire you, Sis, please pass the turkey

By Doug and Polly White Guest columnists Hiring and managing friends and family members is an issue that many entrepreneurs encounter on a daily basis. Why? Because, in our experience, entrepreneurs primarily hire friends and family members to fill their employment ranks. Is this a good idea? We interviewed one CEO who told us she had to fire […]

A buyer’s (middle) market: How to grow and thrive through acquisition

By Chris Blees Guest columnist — As past economic downturns have proven, companies that invest heavily in the right kinds of marketing and strategic planning will likely thrive when the market turns around. While companies can grow organically to increase market share, another way to accomplish this — and accelerate the growth curve — is […]

How to break through business malaise

How to break through business malaise

By Suzanne Ross Guest columnist It’s not news that people are tired of being marketed and sold to in the traditional manner. Yet the malaise threatens organizations from demonstrating their real customer and industry value. As companies build their market leadership, the aim should be to arm teams with what’s of most value to customers […]

5 tips for working with control freaks

  By Jim Warner and Kaley Klemp Guest columnists We’ve all seen her: The world revolves around her. She’s never wrong. Mistakes are personal affronts. And if you invade her space, you’ll get to see a Hollywood-worthy melodrama. Regardless of your skills or efforts, this diva picks relentlessly at your outputs. While it was entertaining […]