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How to plan for and measure success in 2012

By Doug and Polly White Guest columnists The economy has been tough for businesses, especially small businesses. Funding is tight ― OK, really tight. Government at all levels seems to be staying up at night thinking of new ways to make “doing business” more difficult, and consumers are more reluctant than ever to spend. This is the […]

Are customers always right? Applying the 80/20 rule to boost loyalty, profits

Business consultant Betsy Kruger tells why it’s OK to give priority to your most profitable customers. Photo courtesy of Strategic Power. By Betsy Kruger Guest columnist In business, the squeaky wheel almost always winds up getting the grease. No one likes hearing a complaint, so when a customer complains, a business quickly rectifies the complaint. […]

Three ways to drive success in slow economy: OptionsCity CEO

  By Hazem Dawani Guest columnist For many companies trying to survive in today’s economy, growth may sound like a far and distant cry. With many organizations slashing expenses, staying above water might seem to be more important than long-term growth. Unfortunately this attitude will not lead to innovation or lasting stability but will instead […]

Top 7 customer service trends for 2012

By Richard Shapiro Guest columnist It’s the time of year when many people like to look back and reflect. I like to look forward and be prepared. What are the seven customer service trends for 2012 that will affect my business or your business? No matter what the trend or the year, it’s always imperative […]

How to draft a winning game plan for your home-based business

By Greg Crabtree Guest columnist Whether your home-based business is by choice or necessity, focusing on three keys will provide  a winning game plan: Define what success looks like. Choose simplicity for organization structure. And count the cost by paying vendors and taxes before you take money out of the business. As the owner, you […]