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Guest column: On helping customers grow

by George F. Brown Jr. In 1970, Walt Kelly’s famous comic strip character Pogo used the phrase, “We have met the enemy and he is us” on an Earth Day poster. Since then, we’ve seen it applied in diverse settings from discussions of information overload to our nation’s challenges in Afghanistan. It is a universal […]

GlobalBiz: Ed Hamburg tells how SPSS expanded overseas

By Michael Muth, GlobalBiz columnist Increasingly, small businesses are targeting a global market. To be successful, it helps to learn from other, experienced firms how to launch an international business, what types of business structures work best for global expansion and how to adapt to local cultures. In GlobalBiz, contributing columnist Michael Muth will shed […]

10 ways to maximize Twitter

Guest columnist Tim Frick, founder of Chicago-based digital design firm Mightybytes and author of “Return on Engagement – Content, Strategy, and Design Techniques for Digital Marketing,” offers 10 tips for maximizing Twitter. 1. 125 or less. Don’t max out characters.
The little blue birdie only gives you a mere 140 characters in which to tweet, so keeping […]

The importance of thank you

By Lillian Bjorseth, Guest Columnist I grew up thinking that “thank you” is an automatic response when someone does something for you. It shows appreciation, consideration and respect for the person who goes out of her/his way …  whether it is a small thing, medium or huge. What’s happened to this simple gesture that is […]

GlobalBiz: Should small businesses be charitable?

By Michael Muth, GlobalBiz columnist Last week I attended the Beyond Sport Summit, a gathering that uses sports to promote positive social change. The organization’s event had lots of corporate sponsors, including  Barclays Bank, United Airlines, UNICEF, Time magazine and the Chicago Tribune. But can small businesses benefit from getting involved with philanthropic organizations like BeyondSport? Small […]