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How to find the right fit business to buy

By Domenic Rinaldi, Guest Columnist During the past year, high unemployment levels have left many skilled individuals looking for work. But with corporate jobs scarcer and less secure, more people are skipping the  job hunt in favor of buying a small business. Tough economic times have spurred many owners to put their businesses on the […]

Jenny Schade: Have you told your employees you love them lately?

By Jenny Schade, Guest Columnist When is the last time you focused on your relationship with your employees? In my interviews with more than 1,000 leaders and their staffs during consulting and coaching engagements, I’ve noticed an interesting phenomenon: The most effective leaders inspire results by creating mutually rewarding relationships with their employees. Simply put, […]

Three ways to boost employee engagement

By Richard Axelrod, Guest columnist When it comes to engaging the workforce, small businesses have an advantage over large corporations. Engaging dozens is easier and faster than engaging thousands. Studies show that engaged employees produce more, create higher-quality products and services, and create more customer loyalty than their disengaged counterparts. But just what is engagement? […]

Five ways to increase your social media credibility

By Mark Harbeke, Guest columnist The following is adapted from Mark Harbeke’s blog on WinningWorkplaces.org. Daily blog posts discuss the importance of building trust with your customer base. For example, a recent MarketingPower.com report show that companies appear to have an opening, in favor of customers’ friends, to be the most trusted source for information […]

Five strategies for growing your business in a slow economy

By Jenny Schade, Guest Columnist The recession is over, but many small businesses continue to struggle to get back on their feet.  High unemployment rates and restricted cash flow have delayed their rebound, leading many to ask, “When is the economic recovery going to hit here?” Don’t wait for the economic recovery to knock on […]