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When the joke’s on you: Finding the humor in bizarre business encounters

By Jenny Schade, Guest Columnist Colleagues often tease me that I’ve had more than my share of strange but true adventures. Perhaps I’m simply more open to finding the humor in unusual workplace events. In the spirit of April Fool’s Day, I hope you enjoy the following bizarrely humorous real-life adventures.  1. Always compliment the […]

Schade: Six tips for better communication

By Jenny Schade, Guest Columnist   Thanks to the growth of the Internet and other communication technologies, business owners are bombarded by information on a continual basis. Yet their own communication with workers can fall through the cracks impacting the company’s performance. What is the cost of employees not receiving timely information? Consider the consequences […]

How to create an open, honest culture

How to create an open, honest culture

By Jenny Schade, Guest Columnist True or false: Working for a company that touts a culture of open and honest communication means it’s fine to constantly check and compose e-mails during meetings. The answer is “false.” If you answered “true,” your company doesn’t have an open and honest culture. Why not? Consider how comfortable you […]

How to make appropriate pricing decisions

By George F. Brown Jr. Business executives face tough decisions when it comes to pricing. Increases in the costs of health care benefits, energy, raw materials, wages and other production factors cannot easily be overcome without price increases. But the question remains, How real are those price pressures? If they reflect fundamental market forces, price increases […]

Lillian Bjorseth: Check your ego at the networking door

By Lillian D. Bjorseth, Guest Columnist If people agree that networking is more about the other person, then why do so many forget to check their ego at the door? It can be disconcerting and downright irritating to talk with someone who uses “I” a dozen times in the first few minutes. Over and over […]